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Guiding Your Raft


Guiding Your Raft, 17 Lessons in Leadership To Safely Guide Your Business Through Calm and Tumultuous Waters is a book on business leadership and is full of real-life experiences and lessons in leadership. If you are looking for inspiration, new perspectives, and ways to solve you most challenging business situations or are just looking for simple solutions to simple business questions, this book is worth reading. Anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position can benefit from the stories within its pages and creative solutions to business challenges we all find in the day-to-day running a business, as well as the more strategic challenges. If your business is running smoothly — calm waters — Guiding Your Raft provides strategies to take advantage of the calm while you prepare for the rough times. If you are in the middle of business crisis — tumultuous waters — you will find strategies for surviving and thriving through the challenges. Guiding Your Raft is a collection of real life stories and lessons. If you are in a new leadership role, domestic or international, you will find inspiration, thoughts and actionable principles to guide your business. If you have held a leadership role, these stories and principles may inspire new ideas for growing your business.

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