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Git ‘er Done Books is a hybrid book publishing company.

Why Hybrid Publishing Matters to You

Git ‘er Done Books is a hybrid book publishing company. What this means for you is that we will help you move quickly from wanting to publish a book for credibility or other reasons to actually being a published author – usually in 100 days or less – AND, you will still own all the rights to your book! – unlike a traditional publisher that takes your ownership rights in exchange for a small royalty and often takes 2 years or more to get your book “out the door”.

Are you tired of messing around, being “in the process” of writing your book (perhaps for years by now), and are finally serious about getting your book finished? If so, we can help. Contact us today and get your book published now!

We Provide Two Ways to Help You Get Your Book Finished Quickly

You can write it and publish it yourself and we will coach you using our proven 100 Days or Less System, OR, we can write and publish it for you (usually within 100 days or less) with much less of your valuable time required – either way it will be YOUR book in YOUR words.

Special Bonus To Help You Market Your New Book

It has been said that once you get your book published you are 5% done – the other 95% is marketing your book. While the numbers may not be quite accurate the idea is – you created a quantum leap in your credibility the moment you became a published author but how much good will it do you if you remain the world’s best kept secret?

We help you get started on the marketing road by providing every client a Book Marketing Website for one year to help you jumpstart your marketing efforts at no additional charge.

Step one in any marketing effort is a website and yours comes with your package! You can’t beat that to help you get out of the gate with a running start!

Frequently Asked Questions

(Note: For other questions or to engage us to help you with your book today just contact us using the form and information below.)

What kinds of books do you help people with?

While most of our clients are experts looking to create an instant quantum leap in their credibility by publishing and using their own non-fiction book to boost their businesses, those are not the only books that we do.

We will look at any type of book and have done fiction, children’s fiction, and coffee table books and are willing to consider almost anything if you are serious about getting published soon.

I have seen people charging $25,000 – $50,000 or more and taking over a year to do what you are providing. How can you be so cost effective and fast?

Great question! It really boils down to 2 or 3 critical things.

First, we have developed the unique Git ‘er Done Publishing System that shortens the time it takes to publish significantly which reduces our costs.

Second, we use contract workers from all over the world who are highly skilled and efficient specialists in each aspect of the process. This is also very cost effective and allows us to have backup personnel for every task.

Third, we use technology to shorten and make the process more efficient.

Fourth, face it – we are very, very good at what we do and we hire the rest. This saves us (and you!) time, money, and costly mistakes.

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If you would like to reach us directly here’s how:

6618 Yellow Poppy Drive,
West Jordan, UT 84081

+1 (801) 406-1575

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